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  1. geusthah1 geusthah1

    wat a lay down

  2. nzesteban nzesteban

    OMG 6 of diamonds in the river.  lucky demidov. but

  3. anyparktos3 anyparktos3

    Montgomery deserved it.Gave at least two other players very bad beats even with before-the-flop odds(somewhere deep in the tournament,don’t remember when) which was not the case here as it was 62-38 Eastgate better.

  4. JustAnotherPers0n JustAnotherPers0n

    oh no lol i didnt know there was a “full house” i was just learning poker at the time

  5. damemagneten damemagneten

    Ur kidding me?
    – Eastgate had a set + pair aces on the table = a house.
    – Montgomery had a ace + pair of aces on the table = trip aces..

  6. SebastianEngland SebastianEngland

    when Russians play poker, whatever, backgammon, they kick ass, especially over the Yanks….

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  8. sebaxoo sebaxoo

    yeah, but it’s poker
    probabylities wins

  9. StaagG StaagG

    3:55 owned *-*

  10. mrnaveedjan mrnaveedjan

    LOLZ…..EASTGATE had full house and montgemry just 3 of a kind so that 3 aces no help for montgemry but last pin in his coffen..hahahaah

  11. mrnaveedjan mrnaveedjan

    montagmery never forget it…lolz

  12. monker71 monker71

    haha-watch the dealer when dennis phillips goes into the muck at 4:00

  13. monker71 monker71

    montgomery says he needs k diamond on river for eastgate to be drawing dead–actually any diamond but the q diamond

  14. yes4me yes4me

    This is his girl or gf? rofl?

  15. monster2510 monster2510

    ivan demidov’s girlfriend looks very young!!??!!

  16. frag1ouye frag1ouye

    russian players are beastin

  17. Menno848 Menno848

    great fold!

  18. 00StangGT00 00StangGT00

    that 6 that eastgate caught to knockout montgomery was one of the worst beats i’ve ever seen lol, last one in the deck and he hits it

  19. manuelnj7 manuelnj7

    demanov or however it is spelled looks a little like the guy from funny games, the movie.

  20. DeFiLeRs DeFiLeRs

    man so many bad beats on this final table.

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