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  1. CharlieFM1 CharlieFM1


  2. losyart losyart

    yeah that allin at the river would be great if eastgate not hit full he would probably lay this down to be honest with such cards like eastgate and such flops for him most of poker players would win this event i just want to be so lucky at some big event and im the maaann and the “prooo” hahahah

  3. nzesteban nzesteban

    just a bad spot for phillips and a monster flop for eastgate. they both should of respect.

  4. markeithmm89 markeithmm89

    Not that easy if he had K 8

  5. soledad1301 soledad1301

    bad move

  6. VicenzoV VicenzoV

    At 5:25 watch how Eastgate throws in his 1.5 million agressively, succesfully faking the feigning of strength…

  7. jacknapier26 jacknapier26

    what the fuck are you SHOUTING for? can’t a guy make a comment? by the way, how many bracelet winners you see making youtube comments?

  8. aRsh0 aRsh0

    a harley u can buy urself … a BRACELET must be earned and is some serious effort how can u?

  9. CasinoPartySpace CasinoPartySpace

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  10. jacknapier26 jacknapier26

    i think i’d like that Harley more than the bracelet…

  11. Carpathia06 Carpathia06

    wtf Phillips?!!?
    10 9 all suits, dont have a pair, rainbow flop neither have big possible straight draw, then he all-in, omg…

  12. sebaxoo sebaxoo

    is easy to call if you have a full

  13. Vodka2389 Vodka2389

    Eastgate calls a bluff as well as anybody out there right now.

  14. EdDy4RheelZ EdDy4RheelZ

    Schwartz and Demidov left to act.

  15. EdDy4RheelZ EdDy4RheelZ

    K7 isn’t much of a donkey hand in 4-handed table. Not a good hand but still playable hand when you’re not short-stacked. But when I see this video again, I retract my statement because when Phillips had K7, Eastgate raised and there was still Schwartz left to act.

  16. EdDy4RheelZ EdDy4RheelZ

    Some people keep saying Eastgate got lucky. But except for one hand where Eastgate got lucky against Rheem(not really lucky because Rheem was short-stacked and Eastgate had to call with any premium hand), eastgate never sucked out in other hands.

  17. EdDy4RheelZ EdDy4RheelZ

    exactly. eastgate was using nice small ball strategy. he wasnt “lucky”. Daniel Negreanu even stated this too in his full contact blog.

  18. jparkfosho jparkfosho

    well the thing is Eastgate s playing small ball… It looks like he is always pressuring the other opponent, so the opponent thinks Eastgate should have nothing because it looks like Eastgate is playing “maniac” style… So when Phillips try to “rebluff” Eastgate that’s when he commited all his chips to him and ran into Eastegate’s set

  19. jparkfosho jparkfosho

    dude K7 suited is a donkey hand… If you play holdem competitively, you should know 9 10 has more value because it’s connected in a 4 handed game… Maybe K7 has more value in heads up, but you should almost never play K7 suited unless you have a really good read on the other player

  20. yes4me yes4me

    I guess they were both tired and wanted to leave. It is cool. They won a lot of money. 5/5

  21. EdDy4RheelZ EdDy4RheelZ

    and wtf. Phillips calls with 9 10 offsuits but he folds K 7 suited? LOL. yeah, that’s very smart. if you’re gonna play like a donkey, don’t you think it’s better to call with K 7 suited?

  22. EdDy4RheelZ EdDy4RheelZ

    Yeah, ok. Just letting you know that there are too many donks who are assuming Eastgate got lucky. For example, I have 7 2 offsuits and you have pocket kings and you flopped quads. I go all in and you instant call. Did you get lucky or was that my stupidity? Exactly. It was Dennis’s stupidity. That’s not luck. If Dennis hit something like 2 pairs or hit a cooler deck, then yes, it can be considered luck but this was plain stupidity.

  23. gouttoe gouttoe

    Yeah okay calm down

  24. EdDy4RheelZ EdDy4RheelZ

    For idiots who are saying Eastgate got lucky, No, Eastgate didn’t get lucky. Eastgate won because he is skilled and wtf is up with Phillips. All in with 9 10 offsuit when there’s simply JACK on board? Please don’t call that luck for Eastgate. Phillips could’ve folded that EASILY and making Eastgate’s set useless. It’s not like Phillips had anything to raise or call with from the start.

  25. imawesomelikethat imawesomelikethat

    phillips worst all in ive ever seen

    wow. lmao

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