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  1. MrDennis050 MrDennis050

    whats the name of the song @ 2:28 ??

  2. blackless971 blackless971

    R E S P E C T peter

  3. beverlybarrett56 beverlybarrett56


  4. 19christinamoritz19 19christinamoritz19


  5. johnsmith7490 johnsmith7490

    Man these rigged sites should be banned!!

  6. octavACE octavACE

    whats the name of the song that starts at 5:58 ?

  7. 599ericamorrey599 599ericamorrey599


  8. 54beverlynewcomb54 54beverlynewcomb54


  9. kistietimmons88 kistietimmons88


  10. courtneywilson52 courtneywilson52


  11. oearl62 oearl62


  12. tateshawenzel tateshawenzel

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  13. kikkers123 kikkers123

    Couldn’t agree more. Look at the first hand heads-up, his check-call on the river is brilliant, he read Ivan perfectly.

  14. Jeanette18dk Jeanette18dk

    I couldn’t have said it better my self! :D!

  15. nzesteban nzesteban

    just STFU 🙂

  16. bobkaize bobkaize

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  17. HollyGolightlyist HollyGolightlyist

    eastgate is good yes, but he got incredible hands, hit his set every time and got every flush -.-

  18. takaros15 takaros15

    eastgate is good player i think in a few years he will be in the same level with negreaunu and ivey!!!!

  19. GalaxyTrigger82 GalaxyTrigger82

    @sidsa9 well he won the main even its obvious hes a good player if i were him i would jus pick and choose what events to play in win more money lol.

  20. sidsa9 sidsa9

    Just said he wanted to do his own thing for a bit and never really saw him doing it is whole life.
    tbf when you have $10m there a prob better things to do with life then play tournament poker lol

  21. GalaxyTrigger82 GalaxyTrigger82

    does anybody know why eastgate took an indefinite leave from poker this year?

  22. MrSimon9876 MrSimon9876

    you can say that…KNOWING what cards peter eastgate had….Imo…I would have played the 4 2 the same…but maybe the hand before was a little noob..

  23. Brfc4ever1234 Brfc4ever1234

    Yeah that sux 🙁

  24. andos8888 andos8888

    Eastgate had now officially retired from poker

  25. RockJohn89 RockJohn89

    I have to say that those two last hands were poor poor poor game, of Demidov.

    you are in the final table of WSOP 2008- you can’t let yourself play that bad as a rookie!!!!!

    I’m not a profesional, but I wouldn’t make his decisions up in this video.
    but 5M$ IS NOT BAD AT ALL :)

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